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St Ives Birdy Jewellery Range


Our Birdy Pendant features a well known inhabitant of St Ives, though this one is well behaved and won't be stealing your ice cream. We literally paint the birdy onto the surface of the bead using tiny strings of highly heated coloured glass to create our designs. Because the design is made of glass and is fused onto the bead during its creation the design won't ever fall or rub off. Our birdy innocently stands at the edge of the beach and hopefully he will remind you of the beautiful St Ives coastline, just a stone's throw away from the studio . The pendant comes in one of three diameters - 15mm, 25mm or 38mm, each comes with a sterling silver chain in either 16inch length or 18inch length. Our earrings are 15mm in diameter and set in sterling silver. All our jewellery comes presented in an attractive gift box.

Please note that as our beads are all handmade there will be some slight differences between individual pieces. The photo shown is a typical design rather than the actual piece that will be sent. The design is the same on both sides of the bead so that if the pendant flips over while wearing the same design can be seen.